This year’s graduation brings many success stories of Northwest Vista College students overcoming hardships to achieve their goals. Two stories highlighted – thanks to NVC advisors Kristal Eaker and Valerie Somerville – show what our students can achieve through their own motivation and a little push from NVC faculty and staff. Former Marine Albert “Bert”… Read More

Virginia Mares of Student Success says it was a given in her household that she and her siblings were going to college. So when Virginia received her master’s degree from Our Lady of the Lake University last year, it was anticipated and something her sisters, brother and mother celebrated. But it was Virginia’s mom, Dolores… Read More

La reVista

Congratulations to Renata Serafin, APR, NVC director of Public Relations. She recently graduated from San Antonio Women’s Chamber of Commerce Leadership series. The six-month program explores the attributes of strong leaders of top corporations in the United States and San Antonio. The participants were also exposed to San Antonio leaders who have excelled in moving their companies forward… Read More