La reVista

Northwest Vista College faculty and staff members are invited to submit proposals for funding through the Faculty/Staff Innovation Grants Program of the Alamo Colleges Foundation. The Foundation is providing a third year of $10,000 in funding to NVC. The Faculty/Staff Innovation Grant Program encourages applicants to provide new and innovative approaches to instruction and/or student… Read More

Investing in innovation is common practice in the for-profit sector, particularly among technology companies. For community colleges, however, self-funding in innovation is a lot more difficult to achieve. Community college faculty and staff have to compete for scarce federal, corporate and individual donor support. That is precisely why Northwest Vista College has taken the lead… Read More

La reVista

Five winning proposals were recently selected by a Northwest Vista College committee for the 2017-2018 Foundation Innovation Grants for NVC. This is the second year the Alamo Colleges Foundation is providing $10,000 to NVC in support of the Faculty/Staff Innovation Grants program. The Faculty/Staff Innovation Grant Program encourages faculty and staff to provide new and… Read More

When Northwest Vista College Fine Arts faculty are not busy in the classroom, they are busy putting their creativity to canvas, sculptures or finding ways to showcase their artwork. The quickest way to see how talented our faculty are is through the Faculty Exhibition featured in the Palmetto gallery and courtyard. The exhibition highlights their varying conceptual… Read More

Northwest Vista College held a Norming Session Training in preparation for our Annual Assessment Day a few weeks ago. Almost 50 faculty members spent half a day building their understanding of the importance of a norming process and identifying best practices for norming sessions. Norming sessions are a valuable part of assessment in that it creates… Read More

Northwest Vista College opened its new Instructional Innovation Center (IIC) in Manzanillo Hall, 204F on Nov. 2. The IIC is a place where faculty can use a computer, obtain technical help, meet with colleagues, participate in development and training sessions, conduct small get-togethers, or simply relax. The center features eight state-of-the-art workstations, and numerous Dell… Read More

NVC faculty, staff and student volunteers enthusiastically greeted students during the start of classes for the fall semester as part of Wildcat Days 2016. In both rainy and sunny conditions over two days, volunteers helped NVC students find their way to a class, the bookstore, the library and other campus locations. More than 95 volunteers… Read More