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Rob Gardner “Mr. Gardner is incredibly patient and kind to all his students. He is very knowledgeable in the content of his course and is brilliantly talented in explaining it all in a way that immensely helps those of us who need a little extra help grasping the concepts. I really appreciate how much he… Read More

Congratulations to four Northwest Vista College instructors who were recognized for Excellence in Teaching. Ellie Francie Breivogel Ms. Breivogel is by far the best professor I have had so far! She is so sweet, kind, and helpful. I believe she should win this award, because she definitely deserves it. John Bruno Dr. Bruno is a… Read More

The Excellence in Teaching Award recognizes instructors for their contributions to student learning and college initiatives. Below are this year’s full-time faculty who are the recipients. Adjunct faculty are announced in the spring. Sarah Ball, History I show up every day excited and ready to learn. She is passionate about the subject and it shows… Read More