A Northwest Vista College faculty member and students took part in the fifth annual Ciencia, ingenieria y Matematicas Aliados (CIMA) – Louis Stakes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP) program and awards ceremony at St. Philip’s College on Aug. 9. Claudia Verdin, a co-principal investigator at Northwest Vista College, had five student researchers that participated during… Read More

The recent publication of the book, “Despertando el Ser: Transforming Latino Teachers’ Identities, Consciousness, and Beliefs,” includes writing and research by NVC Mathematics Faculty, Dr. Claudia Verdin, which can be found in chapter six of the book. Dr. Verdin’s work, which was co-written with UTSA Math faculty Dr. Lorena Claeys, focuses on uncovering the teaching… Read More

For many female and minority students, it may be hard to break into STEM careers (science, technology, engineering and math) if they are not given the resources throughout their education. U.S. News and Word Report said in a story last year that the STEM workforce is no more diverse now than it was in 2001.… Read More