As part of the Business and Entrepreneurship Institute, Northwest Vista College Economics instructor Rolando Sanchez is helping students with investing and developing their marketable skills. Investing Symposium He recently started monthly meetings called “Investment Symposiums,” in which he facilitates discussions tied to investment and trading topics. This extracurricular opportunity includes an investment portfolio competition with monetary prizes for… Read More

“Talk to yourself in front of mirror to practice for a job interview. Research online for possible questions you might have to answer, says Jeff Miller, Operations Division Leader, Consumer and Community Banking Talent Leads, JP Morgan Chase. He also suggests recording yourself on your cell phone. Ahren Duke, former business executive and current NVC… Read More

Before you start looking for a job, clean up your social media, say three business leaders participating on a panel discussion for the Northwest Vista College Business Student Organization. Panelists confirmed that hiring managers check what’s posted on social media of candidates and these postings could be a deciding factor on whether or not candidates… Read More