Steps NVC is Taking to Keep the Campus Safe

Over the last several months, Northwest Vista College has been preparing for employees and students to eventually come back to campus. Here are some new things on campus that will look differently.

Temperature/COVID-19 Screening 

Daily onsite health screenings are required, including responses to the COVID-19 questions and temperature checks. Screening locations will be established at each building scheduled to be open. Individuals successfully completing the health screening will be provided a wristband for the day. Access into buildings will be permitted for individuals on the building access list following completion of the successful screening.

Social Distancing

  • Stairways – Signs are placed along steps and along the walls of the stairs to remind people to keep six feet apart.
  • Bathrooms – Some sinks will have closed signs near the faucets to prevent crowding when washing hands.
  • Classrooms – Desks and chairs are now spaced at least six feet apart to allow for social distancing. Areas where social distancing can’t be maintained, plexiglass will be available.
  • Signage – There are now signs in lobby areas, along buildings and walls to remind people not to congregate.
  • Elevators – Social distancing signs will be placed in elevators to prevent too many getting in.

Sanitizing Carts/Masks

Health and Safety Officers conducting screenings will have sanitizing carts that will be filled with disinfectant wipes, masks and hand sanitizers. Everyone will be required to wear masks and if they don’t have one or need a new one, they will be able to get one at these carts.

Hand sanitizers

While NVC always had hand sanitizers throughout buildings, there are a lot more of them now.

Water Fountains

Most spouts on water fountains will be covered to prevent people from drinking with their mouths. However, drinking bottles can be filled if a fountain has the water bottle feature.


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