Reaching (4DX) Goals

The Math & Engineering team, Student Development team and the Graduation team walked away as the top voted projects from Northwest West Vista College’s Goal Achievement Summit on Feb. 6.

The summit, which happens every semester, is a way for faculty and staff to share what they have been doing to reach their Wildly Important Goals or WIGs. For instance, different groups gave presentations on their goals such as increasing the number of students in the NVC Lab area, to getting more students to attend a summer Wildcat Camp.

A variety of departments presented their scoreboards in which some were more elaborately decorated with graphics and data. This year’s Hollywood theme, thanks to Student Life, featured a red carpet runway.

One of the highlights of the summit was Northwest Vista College President Dr. Baser encouraging faculty and staff to hep the college reach it major goal of getting 3,003 student degrees and certificates earned by August 2019. He said one of the best ways employees can help is in the enrollment process and getting students to stay or persist in college.

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