NVC’s Advanced Materials Tech Program Goes to DC

On Oct. 23-25, the National Science Foundation NSF held a conference on Advanced Technology Education ATE program in Washington DC.

Dr. Neda Habibi, program coordinator of Northwest Vista College’s Advanced Materials Technology AMT, attended this conference along with NVC student, Ryan Kent, who has been awarded the Student Nano Ambassador Program “SNAP” scholarship. Ryan is a freshman in NVC’s AMT program, formerly known as Nanotechnology.

The Advanced Materials Technology program of NVC has been awarded an NSF grant “AIM-TEC (Alamo Institute for Materials (micro, bio, nano) – Technology)”. Along with other activities, this program is committed to share the outcomes of AIM-TEC locally, regionally, and nationally through active learning workshops, publications, and other dissemination methods.

The latest achievements of AMT program were presented in the student showcase booth at the conference by Ryan and Dr. Habibi. They disseminated best practices and lessons learned from the AIM-TEC model at the conference.

Dr. Habibi said “this was a great opportunity for a freshman student to actively be involved in a professional environment.”

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