NVC PR Team Launches New Degree Completion Marketing Campaign

The Northwest Vista College Public Relations Team has recently launched a new graduation campaign to encourage students to complete an associate degree or certificate at NVC.

The “Vista Shares Your Vision” campaign was developed and launched in response to students’ feedback provided in the fall 2017 semester. Nearly 100 students voted on design layouts presented to them in a one-on-one setting.

Students said that the “Vista Shares Your Vision” campaign spoke to them personally because the message was simple and could be viewed at a glance. They could also visualize themselves in the three phases of being a student, graduate and professional. Students also liked seeing their peers in the photos.

The main marketing piece of the campaign consists of life-size poster displays (8 feet by six feet) in the lobbies of NVC buildings. The same billboards are posted on digital signage (TeleVISTA) and the NVC website.

Another part of the campaign includes updated posters and flyers in the existing stands throughout the college. The NVC graduation page at NVCDegree.com has also been updated with new images.

“This was a fun, but challenging campaign to put together because we chose to do outdoor photography in the winter time and we had to work around the weather,” said Sr. Multimedia Specialist Paul Vallejo, who did the photography and artwork. “That turned out to be the best decision we could have made because our student models were comfortable taking photos in mild weather which we had this winter.”

The next phase of the campaign is to update alumni images in the classrooms which will be completed in time for the new fall semester. If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact Renata Serafin, director of NVC Public Relations at rserafin@alamo.edu


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