Last Week to Raise Money for Student Scholarships

The Employee Giving NVC Cares campaign is nearing its official end on Oct. 19 and NVC is progressing slowly but surely toward the participation goal of 81 percent. Together, employees have raised more than $42,000!

While NVC has raised the most out of all the colleges and district,Northeast Lakeview is currently in the lead. At NLC, 55 percent of its employees have contributed compared to NVC’s 40 percent participation rate. NLC has fewer employees than Northwest Vista.

Just $5 a paycheck, or a cup of coffee, could make a difference in a student’s life. For instance, NVC student April Rose Henwood received a scholarship this fall and said she’s working double shifts from Friday to Sunday at a hospital so she can go to class Monday through Friday.

April said, “I am independently working my way through college without financial help and scholarships push me further towards my nursing degree and my dreams of one day having a successful career as a professional Registered Nurse. Scholarships lighten my financial burden and allow me to focus on the most important aspect of school – learning. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and to give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”

You can make a difference for students like April. If you are unsure of what fund to give to, go to this link to get more details: Explanation of NVC Scholarships and Programs.

Here are instructions on how to give:

Log on to:

User Name: Your employee email (include “”

Password:  GIVEXXXX (last 4 digits of Banner ID – If Banner ID is  (example: 900078681, Password: GIVE8681)

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