Humanities Instructor Premieres Documentary

[image 1]Northwest Vista College Humanities instructor Craig Coroneos will be premiering his new documentary, “South Texas Shaman,” free-to-the public at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema-Park North, on Thursday, Nov. 29 at 7pm and 9pm.

“South Texas Shaman” traces a 4,000-year old ritual centered around the hallucinogenic peyote cactus from its beginnings in ancient rock art along the Rio Grande River to its contemporary manifestations among Native American church members living in San Antonio as well as within the annual Huichol peyote hunt in Mexico.

“Many Texans aren’t aware that some of the oldest and most impressive ancient artwork in the hemisphere is just a couple of hours drive away at Seminole Canyon State Historical Park,” Craig said. “New research suggests that the culture that painted these pictographs may have influenced later historic groups in Mexico, including the Huichol, and possibly even the Aztec.”

Craig first learned how to edit video in Ron Wojnar’s NVC Intro to Video Editing class while serving as the Alamo Colleges Public Relations Web Developer. In that position, he produced a multimedia video CD-ROM which was recognized by the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations. He later worked with NVC Mass Communications teacher Linda Cuellar on “Gaining Ground,” a documentary covering poverty alleviation efforts in San Antonio. Cuellar is an associate producer for “South Texas Shaman” as well.

The documentary will air on KLRN Channel 9. The project has received support from Humanities Texas, the Alice Kleberg Reynolds Foundation, KLRN Public Television and the Southwest Alternate Media Project.

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