Good Luck Bernie and Tony!

Congratulations to Bernard “Bernie” Zertuche and Anthony “Tony” Quintanilla on their retirements. While both are considered district employees, they have been at NVC many years helping the college operate effectively. Both were recently celebrated at the Jan. 29 virtual Bragging Breakfast.

Bernie Zertuche

  • August 1999-January 2021 at NVC
  • August 15, 1982 with Alamo Colleges

Anthony N. Quintanilla

  • June 2008-January 2021 at NVC
  • November 11, 1996 with Alamo Colleges


One comment on “Good Luck Bernie and Tony!

  • Bernie and Tony,

    Both of you were a joy to work with. When I saw you all coming my way, I knew my day would get better and I would be a happier person. Both of you were a Godsend to the college and the people who new and loved you.

    William Keith

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