Giving Students a Global Perspective

Dr. Scott Walker, professor of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, recently returned from a 16-day faculty development seminar that visited four cities in India.

Through the Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC), in partnership with the American Institute of Indian Studies (AIIS), Scott and 15 other minority-serving institute community college faculty members participated in lectures and field visits in New Delhi, Jaipur, Mysore, and Banglore.

The aim of the fellowship was to allow faculty to explore interdisciplinary challenges and prospects created by India’s rapid urban development. Through first-hand experience grounded in site visits and discussions led by Indian university professors the faculty fellows became versed in Indian culture and contemporary society with a perspective of an eastern approach to urban sustainability.

This opportunity aided Scott in continuing to provide a global perspective to his students and help him to broaden students’ cultural perspectives, understanding of Asian economic forces, marketable skills related to global diversity, and to promote critical thinking for an increasingly interconnected world.

Considering India’s ever important role on the world stage, with 7.4 percent annual growth in GDP (compared to US 2.5% and China’s 6.2%), it is important for students to gain some perspective on Asia as a geo-political force.

Scott, who contributed 3-D architectural imageryof ancient fortified grain silos in Morocco for another CAORC initiative, will be speaking about his Indian experience at NVC. He has already enhanced assignments in Physical and Human Geography courses to incorporate what he learned about perspectives of urban sustainability.







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