Get Work-From-Home Prizes for Growth Mindset Training

Growth mindset is the underlying belief that ability can be developed through dedication and work. Growth Mindset training is designed to help faculty incorporate tools in their teaching practices to help students bounce back stronger from their mistakes and not give up on the material.

Developed as part of the Community Math Grant, the goal is by 2023 to have hosted Growth Mindset training for 80% of NVC faculty and partner entities.

Faculty who complete the training will have their choice from a supply bundle worth $50 in essential work-from-home items, such as a charger station and laptop lap desk. Adjunct faculty who complete the training will receive 6 hours of Adjunct Faculty Certification Program credit.

The training is open to all NVC full-time and adjunct faculty. The training is offered in an asynchronous online format through Canvas and consists of five modules. Faculty will be asked to read articles, watch videos, participate in discussion questions and complete a capstone project.

The next training will start Feb. 8 and run through March 26. For more information or to be enrolled, contact Adrianna Sherman at

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