The first NVC Black Lives Matter Association meeting will be held Thursday, Jan. 21 at 4 pm. We hope to see you there or a future meeting if your schedule permits. Before the 2020 winter break, we incorporated a NVC BLM-A Council – a decision-making council that would meet outside of larger Thursday meetings – to help… Read More

ONE-TIME ACCESS Northwest Vista College employees who are in critical need to access NVC facilities during the COVID-19 closure can request one-time access permission through the following process below. Final access approval will be approved by Erin Sherman, Vice President for College Services. Access needs to be requested by employee as follows: Provide the Following Information… Read More

Listening Guidelines  Assume Positive Intent Embrace a mindset that talking will turn into something good Put aside your own judgements, viewpoints, and bias to focus on what the person actually means and recognize that you might not know the person’s true intent or what she/he has experienced. Engage in Dialogue NOT debate Dialogue is open-ended-… Read More

College’s 3 Commitments, 3 Guided Questions Commitment #1: Public Commitment to be an Anti-Racist College Question: In what ways can NVC improve its focus on diversity/anti-racism? How can NVC rethink the questions we ask during professional development, team collaboration, and building-wide professional development so that they encourage professionals to look through a race lens? What… Read More