Listening Guidelines  Assume Positive Intent Embrace a mindset that talking will turn into something good Put aside your own judgements, viewpoints, and bias to focus on what the person actually means and recognize that you might not know the person’s true intent or what she/he has experienced. Engage in Dialogue NOT debate Dialogue is open-ended-… Read More

College’s 3 Commitments, 3 Guided Questions Commitment #1: Public Commitment to be an Anti-Racist College Question: In what ways can NVC improve its focus on diversity/anti-racism? How can NVC rethink the questions we ask during professional development, team collaboration, and building-wide professional development so that they encourage professionals to look through a race lens? What… Read More

As Northwest Vista College prepares for a conversation on Black Lives Matter and anti-racism on July 9 from 11 am to noon, we want to make sure that we take this opportunity to look inward. The goal is to create a space for NVC employees to discuss their experiences related to race, while not attempting… Read More

Several Northwest Vista College faculty and staff are participating in a new citywide online training hosted by The San Antonio Compassionate Institute to help give educators new skills to process challenging new life lessons while leveraging and navigating to a new, better normal. According to the Compassionate Institute, “Our world has changed. Pandemic disruption has… Read More

Topics include: #AlamoTogether Remote Summit Technology Device Loaners for Employees Deer Oaks Employee Assistance Program Newsletters Available To see the newsletter, go here.… Read More

Northwest Vista College students will now be able to get an easier transition to a bachelor’s degree in Engineering with a new partnership between Alamo Colleges and the The University of Texas at San Antonio. TATE, which stands for UTSA Transfer Academy for Tomorrow’s Engineers (TATE) program, will allow NVC students to co-enroll at both… Read More

We stand with Black Americans, and as educators, we strive to empower our students to think critically and speak truth to power. Therefore, Northwest Vista College’s Leadership Team cannot stand by in silence since we see the pressing need to end racism and dismantle white supremacy that, today, continues to undermine freedom and justice. We… Read More

Community health workers are needed more than ever in the community. They are working on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. Also known as promotoras, they have been critical in helping the city with contract tracing, staffing testing sites, and helping the city operate its 311 information number. Their expertise are making more… Read More