Article on Impact of Covid-19 on Teaching Math

Northwest Vista College adjunct Michael Mader was a part of a team that recently published their research in a peer-reviewed journal – “International Journal for Cross-Disciplinary Subjects in Education.”

Here’s a snipped from the conclusion of the article titled, “The Pandemic Pivot: The Impact of COVID-19 on Mathematics and Statistics Post-Secondary Educators”:

“Armed with newly honed technological skills developed during this transition, and reflecting on their experiences, a small proportion of the instructors looked forward to the opportunity to teach remotely again, yet most expressed frustration, caution and concern, with one commenting, ‘Fingers crossed that face-to-face instruction can resume in the Fall.'”

The other contributors are:

  • Sonia Rey Lopez,
  • Glenna R. Bruun,
  • Michael J. Mader,
  • Robert F. Reardon

(When you go to that site, the paper is the 5th one on the list.)


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