April Bragging Breakfast Highlights Public Service; Business and Entrepreneurship Institutes

The April Bragging Breakfast, hosted by the Northwest Vista College Public Service and the Business and Entrepreneurship Institutes, provided a great way for this area to share the many initiatives faculty members are doing to keep students engaged in the classroom.

The two institute initiatives include:

  • Education students recently learned at a March event an overview of the Education Service Center, Region 20 and what are teacher requirements.
  • Government faculty Jessika Stokely established a Constitution Day Committee.
  • Cynthia Franklin created open educational resources for GOVT 2305 federal courses.
  • Government faculty Elizabeth Carol took over 75 students  to tour the LBJ Presidential Library
  • Government faculty Arnold Vela continues to lead student field strips to San Jose Mission; and will give a presentation at Southwestern Fulbright Symposium “How I met Brazilian ex-President Fernando Henrique Cardoso.”
  • Government faculty Pam Dunagan and Chad Mueller are developing hybrid courses for GOVT 2305 federal courses.
  • Haetham Abdul-Razaq of the Sociology faculty coordinated and presented a panel discussion on immigration status and student engagement. He also presented at the Alamo Colleges a symposium on “Beyond Equality and Representation.” This summer he is also planning a summer service program for students.
  • Kara Paige, also of the Sociology faculty, is working on bringing a National Alliance on Mental Illness campus club to NVC.
  • Miriam Thompson an Kameron Cavazos are hoping to be faculty advisors for the first sociology club at NVC.
  • This past February, NVCSI was held on campus, with brings together different areas of the college to give students hands-on learning in crime-scene investigations, job opportunities and speakers.
  • From the Business & Entrepreneurship team:
    • Calvin Fogle brings guest speakers, does tours and helps with the Discovery and Innovation Competition.
    • Ralph Mendez works with the NVC Business council an provides tours.
    • Robert McWhorter conducts university tours.
    • Edward Giese works with Vet 2 Vet and coordinates the Vet Lounge.
    • Kim Beza helps with the Cross Readiness Team.
    • Rolando Sanchez is the Digital Badges Lead and conducts Investment Symposiums for students.
    • Cristina Pandaru does university tours and judges Innovation Program proposals
    • Mike Munoz is the NVC Institute Lead and also judges Innovation Program proposals.

Northwest Vista College President Dr. Ric Baser said after hearing all the projects faculty are doing with students, it reinforces why Alamo Colleges District won the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality award. Dr. Baser and many district leaders recently came back from The Quest for Excellence Conference held in Washington, D.C., which is the leading conference to learn best performance management practices from current and former Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients.

“We are a huge part why Alamo Colleges received the recognition.”

Dr. Baser also reminded faculty and staff to help with enrollment efforts. Summer registration continues until July 7, and fall registration opens April 15 for students who have 46 plus hours.


  • NISOD Faculty recipients are:
    • Anthony Montalbano – Associate Professor
    • Suzanne Bravo – Instructor
    • Sandra Garza – Assistant Professor
    • Mei Garcia- Adjunct Faculty
    • Elisabeth Hernandez – Adjunct Faculty
    • Theresa Marshall-Scrader – Adjunct Faculty
  • The Wildcat Spirit Award was given to the NVC Information Technology & Communication team
  • Garvin Dansby, coordinator of NVC Risk Management, was chosen employee of the month for March
  • Rey Cardenas, manager of the NVC Palmetto Auditorium, was chosen employee of the month for April
  • Government faculty Jeffrey Richardson earned a PhD in Educational Leadership and Management. His dissertation research is being used to develop effective strategies for Academic Integrity which promoted the Emerging Leaders program target at AI improvements.
  • Government faculty Kort Jackson was accepted into the doctoral program on Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at UTSA beginning this fall.
  • Government faculty Michael Valiente is currently pursing a doctoral in Emergency management.


  • Volunteers are needed for the annual May 4th Star Wars celebration. For the first time, the Wookiee Walk will partner up with NVC where attendees get to dress in Star Wars costume and walk around the lake. Go to the event page to see the volunteer sign up link.
  • The deadline for the 2019-2020 Innovation Grant Proposals is April 17.
  • Commencement Volunteer Dress Rehearsal is on May 10 – immediately following the May Bragging Breakfast at 8 am. If you signed up to volunteer, please do not miss this critical rehearsal so that Commencement 2019 goes as smoothly as possible.


  • Learning:
    • “We strive to create a quality learning environment in which each of us grows in effectiveness as a worker and a citizen while acquiring knowledge and understanding of self, community, and our cultural diversity.”

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